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G7 summit ends deadlocked on climate change

Published on AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE). US at odds with other six members as President Donald Trump refuses to endorse the Paris climate change accord.

Stephen Colbert Imagines Another Batch Of Donald Trump’s Postcards Home

Published on Politics on Donald Trump has got the postcard-writing bug. Kind of. On Friday’s “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert imagined another batch of notes that Trump has been sending back to his family members and allies during his first big […]

#TBT: For Trump And Romney, What Happened In Vegas, Stayed In Vegas

Published on Politics. Way back in 2012, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney were pals. Romney had Trump’s endorsement. But now, to Trump, Romney “choked.” And Trump is vowing not to “fail” like he did. » E-Mail This