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Former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya: Uber is ‘the great American tragedy playing out’

Published on SAI. Over the course of 2017, Uber went from one of the most admired companies in Silicon Valley to one of the most vilified. Many executive heads have rolled including former CEO Travis Kalanick. But investors also have […]

The FCC will vote Thursday to repeal net neutrality — here’s what that means for you

Published on SAI. The FCC will vote Thursday to repeal the net neutrality rules it put in place in 2015. The repeal will likely mean higher prices and fewer choices for consumers. The repeal is good news for large telecommunications […]

WWE wrestling is coming to Facebook’s Watch tab in January

Published on Engadget. We still don't know how many people actually click the Watch tab on Facebook, but that isn't stopping the social network from signing programming deals at a rapid clip. The latest benefactor of Facebook's billion dollar video […]

Facebook digs a deeper hole in response to former exec

Published on The Next Web. A former Facebook executive recently said the site’s addictive qualities are destroying social interaction and the fabric of the global community. Facebook responded this week, and it tacitly confirmed his criticisms. Chamath Palihapitiya, the former […]

People couldn’t stop talking about ‘Stranger Things’ on Facebook this year

Published on Entertainment. Was it Dart, Dad Steve or Daddy Hopper? Whatever the reason, Facebook’s annual IQ report revealed that Stranger Things 2 dominated Facebook conversation in 2017. The report revealed and examined fashion, health, and social trends on Facebook, […]

U.K. panel dings Facebook, Twitter over illegal content

Published on Technology news – Facebook, Twitter and Google should be held responsible for illegal content on their platforms, a top U.K. ethics panel said Wednesday.

Here’s what went viral on Facebook in 2017

Published on The Next Web. What content do Facebook audiences love to share, like and comment on? To answer this question we reviewed two billion articles and Facebook posts that were published this year. We set out our findings below, […]

A show about rescued dogs and neglected ponies has 130 million views on Facebook, and it could be coming to a TV near you (FB)

Published on SAI. The Dodo’s animal-focused show “Comeback Kids: Animal Edition” is the most popular show on Facebook Watch based on overall views, views per episode and shares per episode. Facebook declined to confirm whether the show was coming back for […]

Thai junta pressures Facebook, Line to censor online posts

Published on Reuters: Technology News. BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s military government will try to persuade media companies Facebook and Line to comply with court orders to remove content it considers harmful to peace and order, a senior official said Sunday.