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The NSFW tale of ‘MacPlaymate,’ the first interactive porn game for Mac

Published on The Next Web. MacPlaymate started as a joke, one that Mike Saenz told 30 years ago at a friend’s birthday party in New York City. A joke that appeared as a pixelated woman named Maxine in the confines of […]

Millions of people are watching Steven Lim, star of the BuzzFeed show ‘Worth It,’ eat his way across the globe

Published on SAI. Steven Lim acknowledges two major worries in his job: Trying to avoid putting on an extra 20 pounds or so, and trying not to become a total restaurant snob. “This is going to ruin me,” he said. This, […]

‘The Defenders’: What is K’un-Lun? A Quick Explainer of the Heavenly, Mystical City

Published on – Entertainment Industry Analysis, Breaking Hollywood News. (Some light spoilers ahead for early episodes of “Marvel’s Iron Fist” and “The Defenders” on Netflix.) When Danny Rand (Finn Jones) shows up back in the New York in Netflix’s […]

ISIS Is Trying To Create A Doomsday Bomb, But Is The Key Ingredient A Myth?

Published on World. New York Times reporter C.J. Chivers discusses efforts by ISIS to weaponize a mysterious substance known as red mercury. “It’s never been seen,” he says. “It essentially is an urban legend.”